USC Ruth Ragland 34th Dental Hygiene Symposium

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The organization known as CDHEA strives to maintain the highest standards of integrity and it is vital that the members be confident in our commitment. To this end, we have adopted the following CDHEA Conflict of Interest Policy.

An ‘interested person’ is defined as an Executive Board member or general member of CDHEA who shall not be allowed to have direct or indirect financial interest/gain at the expense of the Association. Interested persons have a duty to disclose their conflict of interest to the Executive Board.

If a conflict exists, the individual member can make a presentation to the Executive Board. After the presentation, they leave and the Board votes on whether there is a conflict of interest. If the interested person is an Executive Board member, they will be excused from the decision-making process, and the remaining disinterested Executive Board members shall decide whether the arrangement is in the Association’s best interest.

In the event with which the defined ‘interested person’ may be a school or dental hygiene program, the Program Director must disclose this information immediately to the Executive Board explaining how the school may have a direct financial interest. If a conflict occurs, the Executive Board shall discuss the matter: first to decide whether a conflict exists, second to consider if fair and reasonable accommodations were attempted, and third vote where their decision is final. Minutes will be kept, dated and archived.


I have read CDHEA’s Conflict of Interest Policy and agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained therein and the agreed to method of management for each conflict.

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California Dental Hygiene Educators’ Association CDHEA Advisory Committee

CDHEA Advisory Committee – Liaison between CDHEA and California dental organizations.

CDHEA is creating an advisory committee of four members (two from the north and two from the south) to serve as a liaison to gather facts from California professional dental organizations that may have an impact on dental hygiene education. CDHEA is seeking individuals who are committed to improving dental hygiene education, have good communication skills, and possess a professional demeanor and a positive attitude.

All interested members please submit the following to the CDHEA President:

  1. Letter of Interest.

    Provide a letter of interest indicating why you would like to be appointed to this committee. Include:

    1. Education

    2. Professional Experience (involvement /membership in professional organizations)

    3. Strengths and qualities supporting your position

  2. “No Conflict of Interest” agreement​.

    Read and sign this document.

Applicant documents must be received by​ TBD ​for review by the Executive Board. After review, a vote will be taken to determine the incoming committee members. Selected individuals will be notified by ​TBD​.


  1. One liaison from the region where the meeting is being hosted will be required to attend the meeting(s).

  2. Communicate with the CDHEA Executive Board members prior to a meeting to discuss the agenda.

  3. Provide a written summary via email to the CDHEA President within two weeks of the meeting(s). The report will be posted for the CDHEA members under the “Announcement” tab on the website.

  4. CDHEA will pay for mileage expenses.

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